Motivational Speaker/Comedian Jon Pirincci has been entertaining audiences in different forms for over 35 years. He started out as a stand up comedian in Rochester, NY performing with talents from Jay Leno and Billy Gardell from the hit CBS comedy "Molly and Me". He has also done several feature films. Just recently finished "Jersey Boys" with Clint Eastwood directing and starring Christopher Walken.

He also published his first Spiritual-Inspirational book "Whats a little wind?".It's based on a mans perspective who lived through the holocaust and commented on Hurricane Andrew in 1992. You can find it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.
You can see excerpts of the book and more information on his website.
Jon has also been involved in Toastmasters and other speaking clubs for 5 years.He has won numerous awards in speaking based on his humor and storytelling
The main points of his talents are using his celebrity impressions(over 200), different characters based on his life and his book. 
You will laugh and be inspired by his many years of speaking ability and heart warming storytelling. Jon Pirincci definitely will stand out from the others that you have seen. 
He will leave a long lasting First Impression!
To know more about Jon and how he will motivate you while making you laugh and think,contact him and his staff here.