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Craig Shoemaker.... Does this comedian make shoes while you laugh? know the has been in the industry for over 30 years making millions laugh over the years.He has been on shows like Parks and Recreation,Matlock,The Midle and even the Bold And Beautiful.You will hear him talk about his parents that really showed no love,but he made up for it to his show love to his wives and 4 kids.Then how he took his pain and sorrow from his upbringing to creating that helps people in their lives to laugh and be happier.Traveled the country for the past 10 years.You will be inspired by his life and stories so you can do what you love to do and make a living at it.


"Be yourself in life,not your act.Then laughter will heal and revive you and many others."

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Greg Dean...The top stand up comedy teacher taught Whoopi Goldberg,Penn and Teller,Andy Garcia and was part of the famous Ringling Brothers.

When you want to be a great comedian, you take a class.Not just any class..Gregs Class!.You will hear how he started working FREE in parks,then Ringling Brothers,then the comedy store with Robin Williams.Traveled the world making others laugh.He also battled major cancer and won.Married the woman of his dreams and still teaches 38 years later.Want to hear stories of Whoopi,Robin Williams and Andy Garcia?Learn how to be a great comedian and succeed in life?Then you have to hear this show.Greg does not do podcasts...but did this one for me..and you.He loves helping others.

"If your scared of doing something in life...great!!.Just do it anyway".

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Maz Jobrani
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Maz Jobrani......Can a guy who looks like a terrorist be REALLY FUNNY?

That's right.There are comedians from all over the world from all nationalities but most are not Persian who have traveled the world. He has been all over Europe,the US,on HBO stand up specials,Greys Anatomy,True Blood,Last Man standing,Law and order and many others.Then you will hear about his bad experiences in Iran and LA as a child.Losing his Father and brother and trying to get into comedy while working a 9 to 5 job.Though when you believe in yourself and love what you become a Maz.No matter who you are or where you are from,listen to this great international interview.

"Do it if you love it...if you don't love it...just don't do it!!"

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Alan Stephan... Who toured with Sam Kinison ?,Sang and did comedy on Johnny Carson then wrote the hit sitcom Rosanne and Arliss! Yes...Alan did.

He started comedy in the good ole days of the 1970s.Played all the major clubs,casinos,talk shows and best friends with Sam Kinison,Rodney Dangerfield and Rosanna Barr.He made a great living writing and perfoming and meeting the top stars in Hollywood.Then had a bout with Testocerone cancer but survived.Now working on more pilots and doing Vegas in front of thousands..40 years later!If you want to hear an amazing career and get inspired,listen to this show."

"You can be anything you want to be if you believe it.Don't let anyone tell you different because..they will"

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Mark Schiff
Mark Schiff

Ever see a comedian that's very funny every time the past 30 years? No...except now. "

Mark Schiff.........Ever wonder who tours the world with Jerry Seinfeld? He has been on Carson,Letterman,and the top TV shows the past 30 years.Knows all the TOP TV/Film execs in Hollywood. Talks about how he almost died but had to park his car and not get a ticket first.Yes,thats Marks Humor.Listen and get to know what his life is like now and how it pertains to you. ."

"If you dont have a purpose in life..what is there to live for?"

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Erica Rhodes
Erica Rhodes

"Erica Rhodes has worked with Meryl Streep and Martin Sheen and guest starred on the hit shows “Modern Family” and “@midnight."

At the age of ten, Erica Rhodes started her entertainment career by voicing the conscience of legendary humorist and writer Garrison Keillor on NPR's “A Prairie Home Companion” and has worked on that show ever since. In 2012, she also became a writer for the show when show when it toured Houston, NYC and San Francisco. Erica co-created and starred in the award-winning web series “Apt. 45,” but is probably best known for the character of Sandy in Iron Sink Media's web series “Upstairs Girls” and her own hit spin-off “Sandy's Channel.” Collectively, those two web series have had an astonishing quarter billion hits. Her recent TV credits include ABC’s “Modern Family,” Fox’s “New Girl,” IFC’s “Comedy Bang Bang” and “Why? With Hannibal Buress.” Erica is also a fast-rising standup comic with appearances on Comedy Central’s “@Midnight,” SeeSo’s “The Guest List,” Hulu’s “Coming to the Stage,” AXS’ “Live at Gotham” and the syndicated “Comics Unleashed.”

"Does not matter whats going on in your life,you only have just go for it"."

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Greg Travis
Greg Travis

Greg Travis..... Stories about Cher,Tom Jones, Will Smith,Chuck Norris and making a great living making others laugh!

When you have a chance to hear about a comedian traveling the country making others laugh you have to listen. Starting out in Dallas Texas and coming from a healhy market family business Greg goes to NY and LA to make it big.He worked with Cher,Tom Jones and acted in shows like Fresh Prince of Bel Air,JAG and many others.Then battling the 1980s craziness in drugs and alcohol to eventually make it in this insane industry.Travis now is producing and directing films to take his career to another level.Want to know how to succeed?...listen to Greg and you will know."

"Take one talent that you love and are good at.Focus on that to lead to other interests also"

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Tom Dressen
Tom Dreesen

Tom Dreesen... One of the Icons of Stand Up comedy has great funny inspirational stories you will not hear anywhere else!Except hear and now.

One of the main goals a person should have in life is to be like Tom Dreesen.Unfortunatley he started life flat broke and with family problems.Alcoholic parents,get beat up in school,be a shoe shine boy to make ends meet.Then you start making others laugh, and you get really good at it.Start the first inter racial comedy team with Tim Reid.Appear on Johnny Carson over 60 times,open for Frank Sinatra for 13 years, then do over 500 TV spots in just stand up comedy.Get married,three great kids and tell the world how you did it being a motivational speaker.That is what you will hear on this show.It will change your life when you listen and follow what Tom said.Then you will say to yourself.."What a Life...I want that too!!"

"You are only in competition with your former self.Do not compare your self with others."

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John Debellis
John Debellis

John DeBellis......Did you ever want to be best friends with Larry David,Billy Crystal,Pat Benetar,Andy Kaufman, Joe Piscopo and Bill Maher ? Every one does.

To make a living the past fourty years as a successful well connected comedian/writer and author is like winning the lottery.John Won.That is all he did in his life,.make people laugh....from Rodney Dangerfield to Jay Leno.Like most comedians his childhood was full of abuse and hatred.But he got through it all and became a nice family man who unfortunately battled a bad divorce.When you want to hear the classic stories about the best comedians in the country all these years.You must listen to this show.It's a MUST if you REALLY want to know how comedy started.

"The most important thing in life is family, friends and doing what you would do for free...but make a great living at it".

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Billy Rieback
Steve Mittleman

Steve Mittleman.....He is Funny...very TALL...and has great SHORT stories!

Ever walk by a very tall guy and ask if he plays basketball? Most people do.Well you would with Steve,except he plays funny-ball.You will listen to stories of his very rough childhood and abusive parents,but got better in the end.You also don't get a chance to hear stories of a comedian that gets started on Star Search.Then great laughs and remarks from Johnny Carson on his show.Steve then goes on and works with movie stars like Steve Martin.Ever watch Extreme Makeover?He was on there also.Then donates clothes and hears a voice from above.Yes...THE voice saying Thank you! if you want to start 2016 in a positive note and just know your life will get better,you just have to listen to this show!

"Follow your heart and don't listen to any negativity.....ever!!"

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Billy Riback
Billy Ribach

Billy Riback... The shows Home Improvement,Murphy Brown.Great Comedians like George Carlin, Gabe Kaplan, Ed Asner , Carol Burnette. Yes...he has worked with all of them!!!

When you have a chance to listen to great stories of the old days of Hollywood comedy,then you hear what Billy Riback has to say.You will hear about how he started in comedy working with top comedians like George Carlin and Ed Asner.Then writing for many shows like Tim Allens Home Improvement and Candace Bergens Murphy Brown.He also went through serious family issues with his sister and Father.Gets through it all and living hs dreams of making people laugh with films,TV and of course the internet on Funny or die and many others.You will not hear amazing stories like this unless you hear this one.When you do, comedy will make you feel different and think about the old days.

"If you have a passion,you MUST pursue it because it's the right thing to do!"

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Judy carter
Judy Carter

Judy Carter......The motivational speaker / comedian and well known author will now bring the message of you!

Judy Carter has been in the comedy business for over 30 years.You will hear about her family and the major issues she went though as a child.She started out as a child magician and got into comedy because their just were not that many female comics.Then she got so funny so fast,she writes two books on how to be funny. Judy then gets on Oprah and major talk shows and news papers.With that she talks about traveling the world as a motivational speaker.If you want to be inspired to be a comedian/speaker and see how it is to go from true rags to riches,this is the show for you!."

"Take some time with yourself and ask what do I really want,not what others expect you to be"

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Rick Overtyon
Steve Mazan

Rick Overton...."Three decades of Humor and Drama with the best in can be done.

Rick Has made a good living in Stand Up comedy and acting in major films with top stars like Matt Damon,Billy Bob Thornton and even the legendary Johnathan Winters.You will hear about his parents from the good ole days of being part in the big band era to doing comedy on HBO with Seinfeld and Robin Williams.Then getting into Motorcycle accidents and fighting Dyslexia. Rick gets through that all and just did a national commercial for GE and Blunt talk with Patrick Stewart. He keeps going to follow his dreams like everyone should.This is a must listen show!

"Don't go to dark energy at any will come back to you...always!"

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Steve Mazan

Karen Rontowski....The future comes true...with out Tarot cards

I have been into Psychics and Tarot cards for years.Why?Because some of it comes true.That is why having Karen on my podcast shows that dreams come true for some people that believe. You will hear how a comedian starts off selling cigarettes in Vegas(Yes,a cigarette girl) then ends up a headlining comedian that tours the world.Then dreamed about getting on David Letterman and does.Decides to help entertain troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and does that too.While almost getting into plane crashes.She also helps others with their future in a Tarot card business.Real amazing stories you just have to listen to and enjoy.

"Always follow your dreams because disappointments go nowhere fun."

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Steve Mazan
Steve Mazan

"I'm Dying here! do Letterman that is.."

When you hear that old saying "if there is a will,there is a way",then Steve Mazan is the guy that does that.He has been a comedian for twenty years and a major headliner for over ten.You will hear how he was in the Navy on a submarine,then getting into comedy from being around his fellow officers.He used that experience to work for the troops in Iraq/Afghanistan and make them laugh also.Then Steve finds out that after all the great things like being married and winning an Emmy on the Ellen DeGeneres show...he has liver cancer!You see how and why he recovered,went on producing a documentary on his life called "Dying to do Letterman" and then performing on a show he always dreamed about...of course David Letterman!You will definitely learn how to make your dreams come true..sometimes one joke at a time.

"If you don't follow your dreams,you mi
ght as well just not live.That's the whole point of life!"

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Frazier Smith "The maverick of radio and comedy.Oh...Marc Marons good friend also!!"

"To have Frazier Smith a 45 yr veteran in radio, Stand up comedy,and acting on my show is one of the top goals I have had since creating Comics Karma. I have known Frazier for over 10 years doing comedy and through other friends like Perry Kurtz who was my first podcast guest. You will hear how he got into comedy,being a top DJ on the top stations like KROQ, And now KLOS. He helped start great bands like Van Halen and playing their music and others in in the 1970's.Then listen how hard it is to keep in this business being the maverick he was and still is. Getting fired from the top stations when he had the highest ratings,and of course talking about his good friend Marc Maron and being on his show WTF. How his buddy George Lopez started out poor and struggling and finally succeeded, starring in his own hit sitcom making millions. It then ends with a very positive and spiritual message that you will never forget and help you with your life also.It did mine and always will!

"Hang in there and just go through the bumpy roads...its worth it"

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Gene Pompa..... "Mr Pompa,your table and jokes are ready!!"

"The Hollywood Improv is where many of the top comedians in the US and even the world got their career started.Gene is just one of those comedians.Starting out here in LA from a Mexican family with good ole fashioned values, he has been seen in all the top clubs around the US and even the middle east to entertain the US Troops. His view on comedy and life is much different than others.It's about how he was raised and got married with a daughter now going to college. Gene has been seen on "Scrubs","Comedy Zen" and even the classic In "Living Color in a scene with Jim Carey.

You will also hear about the devastating loss of his good friend comedian Greg Giraldo and other comedians he worked with that have passed away.Then from other instances in his life that he got though,that most others do not. He is now making a living full time in comedy,writing for TV,Films and other projects". So sit down,have a nice burrito with lots of beans and enjoy Genes take on life.You will be glad you did.

If I can make it .anyone can! Trust me...I know!"

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Timothy Kevin Matteson (TK).."You will be TKD...knocked out when you hear this show!"

"When you start in comedy,you need a guy to help you get stage time.TK is that guy.He has been doing comedy full time for over 20 years.Starting out in Texas while managing a high end strip club.Yes,a strip Texas!YEE HA!. You will understand how hard it is to be a comedian these days,especially if you have certain health problems. Kevin will talk about having Cerebral Palsy since a child,not letting it bother him or his family and just go after his dream.Even though his mother did not see him make it,you will know why when you tune in. Now he is happily married to another Stand Up comedian Kara,works on many projects for TV-Film and the internet.If you want to be a comedian or just get inspired,get TKD with this show.You will still feel good in the morning with no headache".

"Don't let life TK TK it with a positive attitude!

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Rich Shydner.."Classy and funny..they just don't make them like this anymore!"

"I remember watching Stand up comedy back in the late 1970's and 80's.That is what motivated me to become a comedian.So when I finally met Rich 35 years later I was like WOW! It's him! Rich will share stories about being good friends with Jerry Seinfeld, Bill Maher, even Jeff Foxworthy. Then you will hear what it was like to work on "Beverly Hills 2" cop with Eddie Murphy.The movie Roxanne with Steve Martin and several shows with Ed O'Neil(Al Bundy) on "Married with Children". You will also hear how he almost died in a car crash.Then working with drugged out comedians that almost died on stage and other crazy issues.Stories you just have to hear. The great thing is almost 40 years in the business of making others laugh,he is still doing it around the country.Making a great living also.He is also an author of "Kicking through the ashes" and "I killed".Even a film about comedy called "I am comic".All this because he has that natural talent and never giving up.Everyone can ..when you hear this show".

"Quit complaining about life...just go through it and you will be happy at the end!

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Destiny Smith.."It was Destiny to have her here"

"Some of the best times in my life is hearing stories about being on the great talk shows like Merv Griffin,Mike Douglas and of course Johnny Carson.That's why I invited Destiny to be part of my podcast. She started comedy back in the good ole days of the 1980's. She has worked with Dana Carvey. Robin Williams at the Holy City zoo.She even worked with Ellen...Degeneres of course. You will also hear stories about trying to be selected on the Carson show is tougher than you thought,along with many other shows she was on.Yes,it's all about who you know.Did she have the usual party and drug scene like the other top comics did back then?Yes.She did get through it all,got married and had kids.It's not always about having to be on the road and make people laugh.Listen to this show and you will know why".

"Making your family and friends laugh is better than strangers in a club"

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Steve Wilson.. "Is he really good friends with Kevin Hart and DL Hughley?....Uh Yeah!!"

"When I first heard about Steve Wilson at the local clubs around LA I thought..This guys freakin hilarious!!Then I watch TV and saw him on some comedy shows,one was Andrew Dice Clays "The Blue show" on Showtime.So I just had to have him on my show.We had such a great time laughing and talking about his past.The bible preaching mother and his crazy friends from of all places...Buffalo!I am from Rochester and go to Buffalo all the time.Oh..Orlando Fla also.Yeah..we both lived there too. Then he tells us about his days of being so flat broke,he lived in his car for three months!! He ate at 7-11's and any where else it was cheap or free.Then some issues with his kidney stones.Worse then having a child he said!.Drugs,Drinking and a crazy life style. You also hear about how his spirituality and positive thinking can make,not break you into an incredible life like being the co host on the "DL Hughley show".Great stories about that too. He also talks about visiting the homeless every single Tuesday the past year.That is why he is so successful. GOOD KARMA..get it?Many think this is one of the best uplifting shows they have heard in years!You will too...enjoy"!!

"Never give up on what you want in life...Never!!

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Grace Fraga..."Latinas can be funny,write books and do whatever the hell they want!!"

"When you look at Grace,you might go...what?Shes a Latina?Yes...and a very successful funny one also.Grace is originally from Argentina.Then found out that being funny and making others laugh besides her mother,she moved to New Orleans.She won the BIG EASY COMEDY AWARD and then decided to go Hollywood in LA.

After moving here she thought it would be great to meet the NICE GUYS in Hollywood or just LA.Man was she wrong!You will hear her stories about the Date Rape story,the weird young stalker, and her older man she was with for years.Oh...30 years older!

Through all that,she writes a great book on relationships,ends up on the "Steve Harvey show" pushing her book,and now a development deal with the networks.This all happened to her not just because she was a talented and funny Latina,but she believed in her self and said "You only live once"!."

"Who cares if you try and fail and try will not succeed if you don't!

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Henrietta Komras...Jokes,attitude,and loving dogs...that's what it's all about!

"When I first moved to LA I started doing the local comedy clubs until I met this one name funny comedian,Henrietta!She has been doing comedy for over 20 years and now I can see why. Their are not that many comics at this age making jokes with a cocky/funny attitude,but here she is.

You will also hear about how she survived a few emotional and mental breakdowns dealing with her parents and family.One reason is that her parents were also Holocaust survivors!! Yes,Auschwitz!When you look at your life after you hear these stories you will never complain again.

Then find out that when you go through all this in your life,it gets better and better.She will talk about being on TV shows,Movies and why she has such a great BUTT at her age.Oh,,,she is also a huge animal and dog lover(like me) and is an advocate in keeping them safe and happy for as long as possible.When you hear her talk about this,Henrietta will also be..your best friend"!

"It does not matter about your age,it's how you feel about the damn age!

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"Lenny Schmidt..."Cruising through life of positive inspiration"..

Lenny Schmidt was on my show after knowing what it was about.You see Mr Schmidt is not just a working actor on top shows like "ER" , "Desperate Housewives","Veronica Mars" and even "Castle".Then he became of of the top comedians doing the exclusive cruise ships like Royal Caribbean,Carnival,Disney and many others.You will now understand what it's like to be on a cruise ship and the people you meet on there with the politics involved also. Hear stories about what it was like to work with Eva Longoria,Nathan Fillian,Kristen Bell and many others.Have relationship or marriage problems?? Wait until you hear about what Lenny went though and how it was nothing compared to what he went through with his Bone health story he shared with the audience.You will know that some of the most important three words in life is..HEALTH IS WEALTH"!

"This is a must listen to show because of what you will learn and understand in life.Yours and others".

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Danny McDermott..." Laugh and love is important... just watch who you do it with!!"

"Danny has been in the stand up comedy for over 20 years.He was one of the top comedy bookers in New York City and Long Island.You will understand how some of the top comedians like Marc Maron,Jim Gaffigan,Sarah Siverman,even Lisa Lampinelli got their start with Dannys help.He also did numerous shows like 20/20 and the Queen Latifah show.Then their were over 100 voice over spots around the country. He was also the top Emcee in NY for years. You will also hear about the struggles he went through being married,having a son,then a hot super model girlfriend!!.Oh,she was hot but liked to argue and stab Danny also.A few stories about being mugged too.It will maybe scare you, but make you think too. After all the things Danny went through,it was all worth while in the end".

"Don't listen to all the negativity out there... just do it!"

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Perry Kurtz.. .Drunk and now sober...40 years later!

I have been a friend with Perry for over 30 years.We even worked together in West Palm Beach Fla where I emceed his show as a headliner.Many years later he is on my first podcast.He will share stories how he got into comedy in Philadelphia ,then worked with Robin Williams during "Mork and Mindy" and Dana Carvey before he was on "Saturday Night Live".Then started drinking heavily until he fell off a concrete pier while surviving and talking to a chair in a bar thinking it was a woman! Yes...a Chair!! . I emceed his show while he was a headliner.30 years later he is on my podcast with not one drink in 40 years!
Make the headline bigger for Lenny info..Perry had such amazing relationships in the past with some of the legends in show business like Rodney Dangerfield and even Milton Berle.Perry was even on "Americas Got Talent" and got great reviews.You will hear all about these in this show and a positive inspirational message in the end. "

"Money is not everything,it's following your dreams!"

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